trinidad cigars  It didn’t become widely known until the 1990s, and the cigar as we know it today has only been sold since 1998. The first mention of in the pages of Cigar Aficionado came in Autumn 1992, the first issue of the magazine, as a sidebar to a feature story on named as a tribute to the Santísima city raised during the …  as a Habano brand, dates back to 1969, and for many years,In 1998, the  was launched to the public in just one size

, the Fundadores. Made at Cohiba’s exclusive El Laguito factory, this unusual size cigar Medium tobacco, herbal, floral and hints of bean flavors are what epitomize cigars in taste. There is always a certain amount of mystery about any  medium-bodied and packed full of your favourite Cuban flavours. They are a reliable, consistent choice. Much like Cohiba cigars,

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