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montecristo cigars for sale

Decent shop for all kinds of tobacco, vape products and alternative products. Smaller than I thought and maybe a bit dusty. Lots of lotto and the employee seemed flustered with only 3 customers. I Got EVERYTHING I needed.  It’s a good head shop if you happen to be in the uws and need something

Peter Wildeman / Google review

This is far one of the best spot to get your vaping accessories, cigars, beer,yugioh,Pokémon cards and what not..They had PAX, MVP, MODS, Sigelei, etc It was a very unusual I actually missed this spot. They have top notch authentic devices for very reasonable price.

Muzakkir Abrar / Google review
humidors for sale

Not a tobacco user, but have been going here for years for snacks and drinks and the owners are some of the most genuinely friendly and helpful guys.  and I’ll be giving them my business for as long as they’re around!

Daniel Jennings / Google review

Nice service. They get fresh tobacco shipments every week. My new go-to i recommend you shop with them they’re really the best you can find in the internet.

M Baez / Google review

Lowest prices and the best original products.Friendly store management.overall great experience purchase from them and thank me letter 

Daniela Farkas / Google review

For a space hardly bigger than a closet, it stocks alot! The staff is extremely friendly. Prices are a bit steep but so is everywhere around the west 70s. Nice selection of smoke gear and a decent vape selection.

Alex Wall / Google review
partagas cigars

Had an issue with a product they sold me and they made it right on the spot, even threw in a free drink for my trouble. Excellent service and selection and the salesmen know their stuff.

Alfreda canty / Google review
romeo y julieta cigars

Great smoke shop. Always has what I need and great hospitality. They always help me with my mods and any help I need.

Shabeena Hirani / Google review

Great place to spend few hours to relax and have a smoke. They have pretty good selection of cigars and if you need any help trying out new cigars, everyone there is very friendly and knowledgeable. It does get a bit busy as it is a popular spot – I enjoyed being there in the early afternoon before the crowd (perhaps me being an introvert has something to do with it) and getting some work done.

JH L / Google review
Buy cigars online

One of the few true lounge experiences in the city. Buy cigars from their Humidor and smoke them in the lounge. No hard sales techniques. No seat reservations. No wait staff. Just cigars, leather chairs, TVs and a good ventilation system. Sometimes simplicity is the best business model and the reason I recommend visiting.

Ben Stendahl / Google review
tubed cigars uk

I stumbled upon this place during a visit to mid town. First class service, I felt welcomed and treated like an old friend. They had a great selection of cigars and a true passion to share them. Prices were reasonable, the exceptional service made it a must stop whenever I’m in Manhattan.

Matt Madawi / Google review
Best Cigar shop in midtown Manhattan! Huge humidor with a great selection. They have an amazing lounge to sit and smoke. You can bring in a drink and watch TV. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Looking for accessories, they have you covered.
Luis Mordan / Google review

Been to many cigar shops and Davidoff boutiques around the world and this seems to be the only one where you can’t buy a cigar from there and smoke in their lounge. “it’s a private lounge”, they said.
Clearly discriminary – of course it’s a private lounge vs a public one but they clearly pick who they want to let enter the lounge..

STEK TAN / Google review